Starting in 2012, the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) initiated a number of continuing educational programs in China as part of an effort to build the college into a leading institute to provide quality veterinary education and research at international level. The success of these programs are partially due to the fast-paced economic development in China and high demand for expertise and knowledge in animal production and veterinary medicine. These programs have proved to be effective tools for knowledge dissemination and brand-building for both the CVM and the University of Minnesota. To further strengthen the CVM’s efforts to develop and implement global educational and research programs in China, the college established the CVM China Program Office.

Our mission

The mission of the CVM China Program Office is to promote CVM as the leading veterinary college at the global level with a focus in China, through developing educational and training programs, exploring and fostering international collaboration and partnerships, and gaining access to additional teaching and research resources. To this end, the CVM China Program Office will continue to establish the brand and competitiveness of the University of Minnesota CVM in international continuing education, training, and collaborative research, accelerate the progress of research projects, fund graduate education, and provide global learning opportunities for CVM students and faculty members.


  • Develop China-focused global continuing education programs to promote the educational missions of the College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Minnesota.
  • Explore opportunities with Chinese universities and institutes to support graduate programs and collaborative research.
  • Develop and foster partnerships with private sectors of the Chinese food animal production industry in the areas of disease control and surveillance programs through information and resource sharing.
  • Assist CVM faculty and students with teaching, collaborative research, and exchange programs in China.
  • Serve as a liaison between the CVM and the University for China-related activities, enhancing CVM’s reputation of international efforts at the University.

Ongoing Programs

The China Program Office is also involved in the following activities to help CVM develop various programs in China:

  • Assisting in recruiting and evaluating graduate students and swine certificate program candidates;
  • Providing advice and logistical support for students and visiting scholars from China;
  • Facilitating faculty members’ China-related projects and activities;
  • Developing project proposals for global online veterinary education;
  • Fundraising to support China-related activities;
  • Participating in developing and implementing telepathology programs in China;
  • Hosting visitors from the CVM’s Chinese partners.



Contact Us

Frank Liu, MS, PhD, MBA
CVM China Program Office a
Tel: 651-625-2267